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Please use the following numbers to contact us:

Frans Ngobeni: Membership enquiries (ASCHP, CCSA, NHA) – 071 287 2496 – info@c4csa.org
Elsie Teffo: CPD enquiries – 082 907 4327 – cpd.liedani@synergetica.co.za


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  • Develop, award, monitor and revoke its designations in terms of its rules
  • Publish a code of conduct and operate a mechanism for reporting and investigating of members who are alleged to have contravened the code
  • Determine underlying qualifications for designations
  • Recognise suitable education and training providers
  • Set and administer Board examinations
  • Encourage the development and implementation of continuous professional development (CPD points) for its members
  • Promote public understanding of, and trust in, counselling professions
  • Promote the protection of the public,
  • Encourage international leading practice
  • Encourage social responsibility and accountability
  • Be part of a progression pathway which may include and occupational pathway
  • Be linked to a validated database of the names of individuals conferred a professional designation

Counselling can be defined as that process of assistance that enables one or more people to go through the process of finding solutions to their concerns or difficulties. Counselling may take various forms, including with individuals, couples, families or domestic units and groups. Counsellors need to undergo basic Education and Training to qualify them to be recognized within the context of current national health and social service priorities. Ideally, counsellors will operate under supervision. Please see our page on Continuous Professional Development in order to learn more about improving your skills.

The C4CSA does not offer training, except for CPD points. CPD (Continuous Professional Development) is offered throughout the course of the year to members of the C4CSA and NHA. This is in line with national standards required for professional people to maintain registration with their respective professional bodies.

  • To bring members up to date with the latest developments in research, legislation etc.;
  • Provide tools for more effective counselling;
  • Provide refresher courses to remain relevant and successful;
  • Meet the needs for professional development on national and international levels.
  • Enable the integration of expertise into local practices.

Who We Are:

Our counsellors are in constant demand.

The CCSA is home to counsellors of the informal sector who serve as life skills counsellors, trauma debriefers, pastoral counsellors, marriage counsellors and life style coaches, etc. The purpose of this association is to meet the urgent need for a professional body to regulate non-psychological counsellors. The need is to provide consistency in standards across and within provinces in South Africa, and across different counselling contexts. Many voluntary counsellors currently work in a variety of contexts often in environments where mental health professional such as psychologists and social workers are not necessarily accessible to the majority of the population.

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