The C4CSA does not offer training, except for CPD points. CPD (Continuous Professional Development) is offered throughout the course of the year to members of the C4CSA and NHA. This is in line with national standards required for professional people to maintain registration with their respective professional bodies.

Note to Counsellors:

C4CSA members are required to complete a minimum of 15 CPD points per annum on Counsellor level.

Institutional Counsellors are required to do 9 CPD points per annum. A programme for CPD points is available on the website or at the office? Although seminars are conducted from time to time in certain areas, members may also do it via distance training by completing prescribed practical assignments? For more info please consult the programme roster.

The purpose of CPD is:

To bring members up to date with the latest developments in research, legislation and so on; Provide tools for more effective counselling; Provide refresher courses to remain relevant and successful; Meet the needs for professional development on national and international levels. Enable the integration of expertise into local practices.

Upgrading of qualifications

The CCSA has MOU's with various training organizations to offer qualifications in counselling ranging from level 4 to post graduate qualifications. Recognition of Prior Learning can be applied in some instances to provide the maximum credits to applicants based on level of experience and spectrum of informal qualifications. More information may be obtained from the office. Please enquire via e-mail. Please make your CV available for assessment where applicable.

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