The CCSA makes provision for members to be registered in various categories in terms of qualifications, level of training, expertise and relevant experience. An evaluation committee (EC) will evaluate your application and make a recommendation.

This is also something that will be advised by the EC.


  1. Student level the lowest category, followed by
  2. Institutional Counsellor - less than 3 year qualification
  3. Counsellor – Requirement a three year degree of equivalent.
  4. Specialist Counsellor - area of specialization such as pastoral or narrative therapy, etc.

Each designation is determined by the level of training/experience.

There is currently no statutory body for the informal sector of counsellors in SA.

Many voluntary counsellors currently work in a variety of contexts often in environments where mental health professional such as psychologists and social workers are not necessarily accessible to the majority of the population.

Counselling can be defined as that process of assistance that enables one or more people to go through the process of finding solutions to their concerns or difficulties.

In order to clearly differentiate them from psychologist, we use the term holistic counsellors since these primary health care counsellors are trained in life skills, socio-therapy, counselling skills and techniques, communication, medical sociology and a range of relevant subjects? They are not psychologists, but know when to refer a client who may be in need of specialized psychological help.

Counselling may take various forms, including with individuals, couples, families or domestic units and groups.

Counsellors need to undergo basic Education and Training to qualify them to be recognized within the context of current national health and social service priorities. Ideally, counsellors will operate under supervision.

We foresee no restriction in charging fees for services rendered or products sold, as long as clients are willing to pay and realize that they cannot claim from medical aids.

It is difficult to provide a set fee for it may differ from place to place. Recommended fee structures are set out in the constitution that members will receive upon registration.

You will be required to fill in and submit the pro forma registration form online. You will be required to attach documentation such as certified copies of qualifications, portfolio of experience, recommendations, and ID. An evaluation panel will assess it and advise the category they recommend. A prescribed fee indicated on the registration application form needs to be paid. The process to issue the registration certificate may take 2-3 weeks.

The office will provide you with a certificate of registration, a membership card, electronic format of rules and regulations containing scope of practice and ethical code. Annual remittances for renewal will be e-mailed/posted to you.

Any time of the year.

Unfortunately not. Please complete the online form.